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Concept Street how to pay

Solution Graphics


P1 - Branding - 3 logo concepts, 3 revisions, 3 formats - $225 - $1,200.00 (See "products" for more)
P2 - Book Covers - Price range for Book Covers - $145.00 - $945.00
P3 - Templates - Free Educational Templates for Kids. (Click to Download)
P4 - Downloads - Free Downloads. (see terms)


1. Review packages in "Services" and decide on one that works best for you. If none is bang-on
to what you're looking for, we'll make the necessary adjustment to match your requirements.

2. Once you decide, click on the PayPal price drop-down menu below to pay a deposit.
3. Click the "Buy Now" button and follow PayPal instructions to complete process.
4. Email us the name of the package(s) you ordered, additional info and amount paid.
5. At the end of the project click on payment option below to pay "Balance."



Any questions or concerns: eMail us  

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