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1. Send your computer to sleep
Set up computers to go into sleep mode when not in use. Short energy breaks can cut energy use by up to 70%.

2. No more screen savers
Using screen savers does not save energy. Encourage people to set screen saver settings to ‘none’ or ‘blank screen’.

3. Let in the light
Use more natural light with windows. Set up desks near windows so you need less artificial lighting.

4. Recycle unwanted equipment
A lot of furniture and electrical equipment can be recycled. Many recycling centres will pick up large items. You can also donate.

5. Be energy smart
Buy electrical equipment that is energy efficient. Look for the Energy Star symbol or energy ratings.

6. Think about laptops
Laptops are a more energy efficient option than desktop computers.

7. Paper and printing products
Use both sides of the paper. Set up your copiers and printers for double- sided printing.


8. Energy and electricity
Turn off the lights. Encourage people to switch off lights when they leave. Install timers in areas like washrooms, hallways and storage areas so lights are only on when they are needed.

9. Energy saving features
Make sure everyone knows how to switch on the energy saving features on their equipment. Encourage people to use the features.

10. Switch off
Make sure all office equipment is turned off overnight and on weekends. Unplugging equipment saves even more energy than leaving them on stand-by.

11. Recycle ink and toner cartridges
Don’t throw away cartridges, collect them and send them to be refilled and recycled.

12. Paper recycling
Make it easy to recycle office paper with blue bins in convenient places around the office. Label the boxes clearly with what is and isn’t suitable. Organize a recycling pick up or drop off once a week.

13. Work from home
Give people the option to work from home whenever possible.

14. Clean the air
Office plants are a great way to remove toxins from the air, making the office a healthier workplace.

15. No more junk
Make it a policy to remove your organization from unwanted mailing lists. Request to receive catalogues via email.



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